The Biggest Marketers Gathering in the Middle East
What’s the Marketers League? – The Marketers League is the first of its kind conference to take place in the Middle East. It’s proudly acknowledged by the “Father of Modern Marketing” Philip Kotler himself, who was there to speak, and witness the first edition of the Marketers League Conference.

Ever since it was founded in 2015, the Marketers League fundamental purpose is to create the opportunity for marketers to connect, share a stage, and visualize the future of marketing. Giving a hand in the process to younger marketers and entrepreneurs to figure how to stand out and make a difference.

We offer a platform for marketing professionals, academics, and entrepreneurs, possessing expertise in distinctive marketing aspects to share their experience and knowledge, and to discuss marketing changes with the latest topics and real-life cases in different industries

Be the top spot, for top marketers globally to gather from every corner of the world so they can share a diversified opinion and put on the table what marketing is newly up to from their own unique perspectives.